What is Real Food?

Real food spoils.
Real food has a recent connection to the earth. In fact the shorter time a food can spend away from its natural environment on earth, the more we can consider it real food. Eat local as much as possible. Eat organic.
Real food probably doesn’t need a fancy package or any package at all.
Real food doesn’t need to be cooked in order to make it edible. Real food can be eaten raw.
Real food doesn’t need to tell you how healthy it is. Be suspicious of any claims that companies use to promote their own products. Real food should speak for itself.

Real food ate real food.
Real food does not need to be altered. Real food doesn’t need to have components added or removed to make them healthy. Real food is either healthy in its whole form, or it’s not. It’s that simple.

Real food does not need to be fortified.
Real food is not a supplement. That’s not to say that some supplements can’t be beneficial, but they are no replacement for real food. Make sure whatever supplements you choose to take are in addition to the real food diet you are already eating.
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